5 Tips On How To Talk To Girl And Make Them Like You

5 Tips On How To Talk To Women And Make Them Like You

So you have been dreaming of this hot chic who works in your office but you just do not have the courage to go up to her and tell her. You fear to ask her out because:
1. You think you are not the ‘talk to girls‘ type guy.
2. You think she might already be seeing somebody.
3. You think that since she is so pretty, she must really be arrogant.
4. You think that you might not be her prince charming.
5. You think of the pick-up lines but somehow they never seem suitable.
The problem is that you think a lot. This lack of action on your part can be the number#1 reason of your impracticality. You might have tried to talk to women and ask them out and it might and might not have worked. Let us give you few simple tips that will make you a pleasant man to talk to. Have you not figured out yet that the problem is not with women but with you? You need to learn that:

1. Women are not an alien species with uncanny feelings, eerie personalities and out-of-this-world attitude. Do you know that most of the women want and wait to be asked out? You don’t have to think a lot. You like a woman; you should go straight to her and engage her in a casual talk so that she at least notices that you exist. Make friends with her in a casual way and after a while, you can tell her in the simplest of words. Never snow or eulogize her in the first meeting!

2. It is important to keep the goal in mind. If you want the woman to like you then the first and foremost point is to be yourself always. Never put on a false show!

3. You do not need to ask direct questions while you talk to women. Questions like ‘do you like me, yes or no?’ make you sound completely inept and hopeless. You might want to introduce yourself before you throw such questions at the lady you are talking to for the first time.

4. Cracking a joke with a woman as an opening conversational sentence can really fall flat! You cannot stop a complete strange woman and say, ‘hey can I tell you a joke?’ This looks as bad as it sounds – a completely impractical idea to talk to women. The trick is to engage women into talking to you by being casual yet honest. Just be real – yourself!

5. Flirting with women you don’t know can be a really bad idea. No need to think of jokes and pick-up flirtatious lines. Just learn the art of talking! Don’t sweat or shiver while talking to a woman! Sound confident and assertive. If you really want to talk to her without letting her know that you have been meaning to, you can approach her in a candid way i.e. accidentally bump into her on a coffee shop or office canteen. Likewise you can devise a clever strategy of approaching her by bringing one of those office-talks as the subject matter. The options are plenty.