8 Top Advice For Online Dating

8 Top Advice For Online Dating

Online dating can be an effective way to meet the woman you are meant to be with; your soul mate. On a smaller scale it can be a way for you to simply find someone you can spend your time with, a companion, a friend. Whatever your reasons for joining an online dating site, there are some useful tips available to make your time spent more useful and safe. Not everyone on these sites is as innocent or honest as they appear. Taking some advice never hurts anyone, especially in the world of online dating.

1. Make a Killer Profile
Your profile is what draws a woman to you initially. The first thing you need to begin with is the intro. You need to catch a woman’s attention. So, leave the bland, “I’m single and looking for love,” behind. Isn’t this the reason most men are on the site? Set yourself apart! Go with something like, “I’m vertically challenged and I love it” This tells her something about you and shows you have a sense of humor too.
As you move further into your profile you want to focus on what is unique about you. The everyday, “I enjoy life and live it to its fullest,” means nothing. What is this saying about you? If you have lived each of the fifty states, say so. If you have conquered Mount Everest then by God tell them.

2. The Length
Women want you to be straight and to the point, yet they also want to know something about you. So how do you conquer this feat? Separate your profile into three paragraphs. The first is about you and what you like to do, the second is a description of your pet peeves and anything that gets under your skin while the last tells her what you are doing now. Tell her about any of the latest movies you watched or any books you read. Talk about any activities you currently participated in. The key here is not to tell women what you think they want to hear, it is to be honest.

3. The Photos

You must put them up, though, or women are going to wonder why you haven’t. The first rule is to make sure they have been taken within at least six months. Accuracy is everything. Only post two to four photos. It does not matter if the site allows 30; picture overload is a big no-no. The last rule is the most important on. Do not ever post pictures you have with a friend in it. Some women may think your friend is cuter and completely ignore you.

4. Handling Responses
When you first post your profile you will be inundated with responses. This is good; it gives you the opportunity to read profiles and look at photos. You can now sift through women who are interested in you and decide who may be the right choice for you. Do not narrow it down to one person just yet. Have patience and take your time. Get to know more than one woman through the site before making a hasty decision. Have fun with this.

5. Sending Messages
The whole point of online dating is to communicate safely with other women. If you are a man with low self-esteem, do not deem it as rejection if you do not get a response from a woman you have sent a message to. Maybe she has not had the chance to read your message and respond, or perhaps she is already talking to another man on a more serious level.
When you do get a response, ask open-ended questions that will keep a conversation going between the two of you. Put your best foot forward and get in it to win it if you really like what you see. However, do not give out any personal information at this point. If she asks for your address or phone number, tell her you want to take things slowly at first and are not ready to share this with her. Get to know her before giving her too many details.

6. Begin E-mailing
Once you have it narrowed down to one particular woman you have been talking to for quite some time, you need to get her e-mail address. This shows you trust her and want to move things up a notch. It’s like saying, “Hey, why don’t we move away from this feeding frenzy of online dating and do our own thing?”

7. It Is Time for the Phone Number
At this point, after you have been e-mailing for a little while, you need to begin talking on the phone. Only you can judge when you are ready for this. However, taking things at the slower pace you have been taking them has enabled you both to build a strong foundation of trust and friendship that only an online dating site can provide.

8. The First Date
It is time for you to meet your online dating site sweetheart. You have been honest, posted accurate pictures and taken all the right steps since then. You should still meet in a public place for your date simply to ensure safety. Again, you never know. At this point the reins are in your hands completely.
Online dating has helped millions of people find love. Some marriages have even resulted from their use. You never know, this can be you one day. You need to be smart about it, though. If you follow the tips above, there is no doubt you can have the same success.