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After the girl refused, how to continue to chase?


Do anything will have success or failure, when chasing girls many guys will inevitably be rejected, but continue to pursue her or give up completely, is your own choice, sometimes a lot of girls test for boy, so will not be so quick to answer your pursuit, I will talk about how to recover the girl was refused.

1、Why do girls refuse your pursuit?
The first: acquaintance
What is the reason for the first time to meet girls and they refused to reject you,it is just first impressions,ecause both sides are not know each other,so you can only from the appearance of the image on the general understanding of what kind of person you are,if your appearance, image, temperament is still well,then she might want to know more about you.Don’t let yourself die in the beginning, so after the girl refused, how to chase is every man should grasp the knowledge points.

The second : emotional warming, limb touch
Some guys said, “The girls have been invited by me, but she just does not give me to touch or not to kiss, even does not let the hand hold, does not know how to do.”. It divides into two points:

⑴The girl’s thinking is more traditional, no love experience, more resistant to limb contact.When you face this kind of girl, you can only slowly guide and take the time to build a sense of security.

⑵The time or sequence of your physical contact is wrong, and we should step by step when touching the body, starting from small limbs touching, holding hands, hugging, and finally kissing. If you’re in the right order and the girl is resisting, it just means you haven’t attracted her yet.

The third point: chat
Why do you talk to the girls, she is very bad feedback, or even do not return your message?. Why is that?
⑴She won’t answer you because she’s busy. The situation is very well understood, she is busy at the moment, so there is no way to return your message. That means you don’t have the right time to talk to her.

⑵She doesn’t answer your news because of the content of your chat. Many boys don’t know what the purpose of chatting is. They are talking about things they don’t know. Finally, your relationship is not improved, and even make the girl think you are a boring person, simply do not bother to return your information.

⑶Most girls now look at your FB before talking to you or talking. That’s what we call a showcase,girls will judge you on what you are, if your FB is not very colorfu,She’ll think you’re a boring man; he won’t be back to you.

2、The most hated way for women to pursuel
Gift attack
On the birthday of the day, I suddenly received a gift from my male colleague. Though I hesitated to accept it,but I seeing the gift is the bag I’ve always wanted, and I’m grateful to accept it.Results after that, he often buys some gift to me,every time I got puzzled how to refuse him. ”
“I have a male friend who works in architecture,always send me made extra wood wooden shelves and chair, in the beginning I really happy, but more and more receives more and more get home now have no place, is also very worry”.

Create “a miserable image of a good man”
Have you ever noticed that a excellent girl never likes “good” men? There are some very good female friends around you, and they often associate with some “bad guys”. For some reason, these girls are never interested in you. The answer is simple: the reason girls choose men is not “whether he’s a good man”,the reason why they choose those men is instinct.

Moral kidnapping and emotional cards
This kind of crowd’s logic is: my condition is not good but I love you, you don’t love me because I am weak forces, is the lofty look down on me, is to look down on me and low degree family is not good. This is very hate.

Always pander to a woman’s point of view
When most men meet their favorite women, they always agree to the advice of women. They think it will win women’s hearts, and they think women will be very comfortable and happy.

Is there anything else she’s unhappy about because you’re always following her? Yes, maybe she will be friendly to you, perhaps when you agree with her point of view she will be very happy, but to her, your relationship is very difficult to cross friends, in fact, for women, they love men who have their own ideas and opinions, rather than those who will only agree to their views man. None of you thought of that!

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