How to Attract Women in 5 Easy Steps


Women, as we men all know, are not the simplest or easiest to understand. Various films, books and television adaptations have tried to find out what it is that women want. In life, the few things that baffle us are women. Yet, the fact is it is not the women that need to be understood but men who try and over think these things.
One helpful way when we ask ourselves how we can attract women, a short period of reflection on our past attitudes, behaviors and actions in the presence of women will be helpful

What women want is actually very similar to what men want; at least the same things in their respective love lives. Women want a strong independent man with the means and motivation to charm her and take care of her. At the same time, the man should not be condescending, dominating or overbearing. That is what women want. Sounds really simple right? So where do we go wrong? Well, the answer is simple, we get confident and if I may use the word “cocky”. We think we can just charm our way and get by with a few sweet words. Most women do not get attracted to that. It is actually one of the most repulsive things for women to hear cheesy pick up lines from men.
Here are a few simple ways through which we guys can attract women:

1、Stop using random been-there-done-that lines on women: It is the biggest turn off to see a man hit on a woman using lines from popular films from the seventies! Be honest and sincere and speak from the heart. Don’t try to imitate characters from books you have read or films you have seen.

2、 Maintain eye contact: Many guys would agree that it is difficult to maintain eye contact when one comes across a beautiful woman. But a sign of a noble and confident man is the ability to engage with a woman without ever losing sight of her eyes.

3、 Confidence:
This is possibly one of the few things that one must be careful about. Confidence in oneself is necessary and useful, but over confidence is not. It is essential to exude confidence but not ruin it by being condescending or by adopting a superior stance.

4、 Dress well: You have got to admit that whomever you want to attract must also find you attractive. You don’t have to be Prince Charming and women are not as shallow either. Minimally, you need to appear presentable and not be a turn-off when you stand beside woman. It is how one presents himself that is the key. It can be difficult to understand at first, but a woman likes a man who knows how to take care of himself. Hence, dressing well is automatically assumed to be a good trait. Of course, you don’t need to be in a suit but something smart and comfortable will work just fine.

5、Small Talk: It is through small talk that one is able to attract a woman. The mind is the most powerful tool we possess. So in order to really impress the opposite sex, it is important to use it and engage in witty small talk that not only displays the power of your mind but also provides a sneak preview of what sort of a man one really is.
Women do not get influenced by cars, money and sex. Those are not important in a man. Personality, wit and charm are what are required for a man to attract a woman no matter where you are.