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Don’t give the girls a chance to refuse you


A man’s greatest charm lies in his success in work, and young people who work for a short time can not say “success”, so you should let the girl think you are a self-motivated person

Other things can be nonsense, but this problem can not be vague, you must tell girl, your confidence in the future, you are not satisfied with the status quo, and you have a long-term plan in your future is not a dream.At this stage, the most critical thing is not to worry, do not make things so clear, so that people can see you chase girls.
Think about it, most people don’t like you at first glance, but they don’t hate you at first sight,we are all children of the common people’s family(Unless you look like Tom Cruz Leonardo DiCaprio or Kevin Costner),good feelings need to be realized with increasing understanding, so the key to the problem is the opportunity for further development.

Stand at the girl’s point of view to think you’re so straightforward rushing to fall in love with her,the girl must have psychological pressure.If this contact after a burst of discovery does not like you isn’t that a trick?So if you start out with an attitude that you want to win, you’ll almost certainly be defeated immediately

First of all, the relationship should be defined as “friends”,originally a “common friend”, you want to be “good friend”,even can ask each other as “confidante” and so on, anyway, don’t say “chasing you”.

You think, if you do not mention “chase”, then the girl also has no chance to “refuse” you – you did not chase her how to refuse you?!

This will relieve the girl’s mental pressure so that you can get along smoothly.Do not fantasize about three days, agreed to marry you, to full contacts and understanding, feelings are not out of thin air.

Not all day long pestering a girl,someone will do this to you and you’ll get bored don’t let things become “you’re chasing someone” immediately, and you need access to girls, depending on your creativity.

You can collect information, try to wait into an encounter; also can casually find the most sufficient reason to ask each other what to do and you.

There is no reason to give gifts, that is, to put pressure on girls, girls will feel indebted to you, so they will try to give you back, if you can not give back, you will find ways to not contact you, so as to avoid always owe you.

If you want to show your sincerity,you might as well ask girls to pay together,find a good restaurant, or find a place to play high consumption what the girls, the nature can see you spend a lot of money,but money was spent with two people instead of being taken home as gifts.

You do not want to give the girl refused your chance, is not the best way to show that you have to chase her, play ambiguous, there must be a degree of understand?

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