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Four steps to find a girlfriend


Men and women are visual animals, if the first step image is not qualified, then let the girls like you, is not Arabian Nights, clothes clean and tidy, shoes slightly high-grade, clean face, hair is not messy. You can also get some men’s perfume, I believe no girl will hate you

2.Communication skills
Communication skills are important in relationships,if you like someone,you will be tired of saying nothing every day.Learn to speak, learn to coax girls is also a skill.Exercise your communication skills. Start with accost,Brave the attack!It doesn’t matter whether you fail or not. Try again and you’ll succeed.This will not only get rid of your social pressure, but also exercise your communication skills, and constantly sum up experience.

3.Expansion of heterosexual dating circle
If you’re playing at home and watching some boring live videos, then you’re going to be single,try to get out of the house, go to the gym, coffee shop, or music festival, meet some girls, or take part in some offline social events, which are good choices. More female resources, it is easy to find a girl with similar interests and hobbies to be a girlfriend.

4.Show your high value
Learn a skill, or find some hobbies to play, and show it in your FB or instagram. It’s not teaching you to put other people’s things in the FB or instagram, or to put something fake, unrealistic and boring, but to show some positive energy and interesting pictures or stories. High value does not mean vulgar, we should learn to positioning ourselves, to maximize the value of their own, showing the greatest.

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