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Men master these will can be go their girlfriend Easily


Can not understand the woman’s mind, can not catch the woman angry point, do not know how to fall in love with her, get along with each other, then look at the men in love, need to pay attention to what are the key?

1. Don’t dig at your girlfriend’s figure

Women are very particular about their own image, no woman is completely satisfied with her body, even if the woman is not perfect figure, but do not take women’s body weight joking.

2. Be generous with your girlfriend

Any woman does not like stingy man, even if you can not afford to pay for the expensive meal,you can find an atmosphere restaurant,and even if you can’t afford a designer bag,you can buy intimate little things.Daily dating with women,spend money should be a little more forthright,do not show a shabby appearance.

3. Don’t be too frank with your girlfriend

Women don’t like men who are too outspoken, and most of them like talking with people who are funny. You can be boring but be sure to find the topic,Occasionally humorous,don’t be too clear about what you say somewords,let them take some care to chew,it would be more fun to chat.

4.Suit the action to the word

What would you think if a woman you like can’t do all the things that promise you?Women treat their favorite people, usually naive, easy to believe what men say.You promised her, she had hope, and eventually you had all sorts of excuses you couldn’t do,instead let them far away from you,think you’re unreliable,so,you shuld do according to yours ability.

5.Can gentle but don’t alwayz accommodate women

Most men think that as long as they are considerate to women and win their favor, they can get her heart.Women also like men with opinions and personalities,blindly to accommodate women, waiting to be given orders, will only be abandoned by them.

A man must know:

1, do not lie to girls, because the woman’s sixth sense is very accurate, once found, will reduce her confidence in you.

2, the girl angry except menstruation, may be because you don’t care enough, or accidentally touched her principles.

3, when the girl speaks, the man must attentively listen attentively, this represents you have listened attentively to her to tell.

4, girls will hope that men can be a gentleman, and can take the initiative to do something for women, inclusive of her little problems.

5, women are romantic creatures, from time to time to give her some small gifts or surprise, will definitely let you enhance your feelings.

6, quarrels must not be solved by silence. For women, silence is more chilling than quarreling.

7, both men and women need their own independent space. Care can be, but do not have to take possession of power, she is not a toy.

The structure of women and men, from the body to the mind is completely different, so men should learn to understand the hearts of women, in order to get along more harmonious, in order to successfully find a girlfriend.

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