How do introverts find topics to chat with girls?

In love, introverts tend to be less active, not because their inner feelings are less than those of extroverts, but that they lack basic social skills.A man and a woman are both introverted and two people are attracted to each other. However, when communicating, the awkward phenomenon will undoubtedly cause some obstacles to love.Guy can’t find the topic of chatting with the girl, and may bring “the illusion that you don’t talk to me” to the girl, and then destroy the emotion.Therefore, this situation should be improved. Here are some small ways to find topics to chat with girls to help you.

1.Each time before chatting, prepare several topics to chat with girls, on a piece of paper lists,when there is no topic of conversation with girls, you can promptly find new topics from above to avoid embarrassment.You can understand the content of the conversation in advance, and if it is the news events on the Internet, you can look at other people’s views and inspire your own thinking.

2.Learn to extend the topic of chatting with girls. There are many topics for chatting with girls, such as weather, hobbies, TV shows or movies, news, history and basic information, such as home, study, family and so on.How to extend the topic of chatting with girls?Take native places for example,we can talk about our hometown, what are the local products, what famous places, etc..Hometown specialty, its origin, its appearance, how to do it, eat up feeling what had happened, what fun, finally can wrap around a bend, tell the girl “next time I bring you a taste of”.When you want to invite someone out to play, you can also say, “next time I’ll take you to play” and so on. (after that, the relationship is moving, remember to cash it.). At ordinary times, find a noun and try to extend it from there to other places. Practice again and again

3.In daily life, we should accumulate material for chatting. You can take the initiative to understand all aspects of information, the first choice can chat with girls topic. In your own life, you should also pay attention to what happens to yourself or others. You can share your little thoughts when you see something.Learn to say “nonsense”, such as “a lot of people today on the bus”company of people began to wear long sleeves, the weather is cold.” “my colleague bought a new scarf, I think if you have certainly nice”.Some guys feel that there may be nothing to say, every day is the same, in fact, this is just an attitude, “I would like to share my life with you.”We can note that when a girl calls a guy, she always asks, “what are you doing?”” “Where are you?””. They care about you, so they don’t feel bored even if they’re ordinary things in life.Talking about these topics with girls, on the one hand, there are more topics on the one hand, on the other hand, show your appreciation for her and help you to get a better understanding of her.Some guys feel that this small, small feel very small, too much, he would like to say may not remember, it may need to pay attention to their usual, would be more difficult, learn to express their thoughts and feelings. Record your feelings, collect a few jokes, send text messages to her, and make her feel your mind.

4.We can note that talking about a thing always takes more time than presenting a thing, and it helps to get to know each other better.In the discussion, people’s thinking at high speed, and a person’s thinking will cause other people’s reaction.In thinking about the topic of talking to girls, we can find things in life (two people can contact, two people care about) and discuss with girls.For example, “marriage”, what do I think about marriage? How do I and the other half care for each other? How do I conceive of married life and so on?Can be the same as the first proposal, and then extended, such as house decoration like what, after marriage, we quarreled how to do so, and so on, can say a lot of things.In this way, you can increase our understanding of each other.Remember to present your ideas first, and then you can do it with your introverted girlfriend.

5.Learn to listen and let girls speak more.This one is very important. Because of gender differences, there is always a communication barrier between women and men. In fact, the woman wants the man to listen to himself.Learn to ask girls what they think and guide them to make their own views. Only in this way can communication be formed.Some girls may also be introverted and rarely express their inner feelings and thoughts, so encourage them in time.When she speaks, you must always say “yes””OK”, which means you are listening.Don’t say anything unless she asks you what she says.Sometimes they stop talking, and you can judge what she’s saying or what she’s thinking, according to what she said before,if she’s finished, give her a response. Let the other person feel that you are paying attention to her and listen to her carefully.For example, in the fourth example of marriage, you can simply say what you think, then ask what the other person thinks, and then just listen. Before she finishes talking, you can discuss the differences between your ideas.

6.Don’t be afraid of embarrassment. If you are silent or don’t know what to say, don’t be nervous. She is your lover. When you are with her, you should be the most comfortable, relaxed, and casual.You can do what you want to do for her, such as singing a song to the other person (if you play some kind of instrument for her), and if you can’t sing well, you can even give her a song. Or tell her a joke. Women need not the people who will talk, the people who talk, but the people who care about them.

In fact, there are many ways, you can also read some training eloquence and enhance communication books, understand the relevant skills, and also find some more suitable for their own way. Don’t forget that the ultimate goal of finding a topic for chatting with girls is to promote understanding and emotion.

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