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How to build a successful date


Date,play a decisive role in the beginning of a relationship.A wonderful date can successfully promote your relationship,if a little accident could disappear after meeting.So there are so many people carefully planning a perfect date,in order to establish a better image in the opposite sex.Many guys do not pay attention to dating details, into the minefield, resulting in a lot of dating failure.

The trilogy of invitations for perfect dating: vagueness – invitations – – concreteness – invites – – destructive testing

First, build a sense of trust
The first is a basic exchange of information with girls, showing a rich circle of friends,let her know that you have a wonderful life of your own.

Second, solicitation window
The girl comments on a topic of your FB,chatting with her has a simple interaction,and then fuzzy invitation.
Girl: where is this restaurant? It looks delicious
Boy: it seems that we have found our first tacit understanding and I wiil take you to this restaurant when you’re free,don’t be so excited!
At this time, because of ambiguity – solicitation, the girl has no reason to refuse.In further building up a sense of familiarity, you can make a concrete offer.When the target is to accept your invitation, determine the time, in order to prevent the target temporary breach of contract, we need to carry out anti – destructive test.
Example: you have an appointment for tea at 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon. On Friday evening or Saturday morning, you can send a test message.
Boy: remember to dress up nicely tomorrow / this afternoon
The significance of this message lies in:
1、The target date reminder time, prevent sudden miss
2、Screening tests showed that I was a selective man

Third, the planning of successful dating
The choice of dating places requires great attention in the early days,Because when your relationship is not particularly deep, the quality of the environment can affect the quality of the appointment.
Choice of day dating places
Environment: clean, tidy, quiet and comfortable.(A good environment can help to improve the comfort of a girl on a date. The comfort of a first date is especially important.)
Flavor:the taste can be light, sweet and sour.(Don’t eat foods that are easy to perspire, spicy, and so on.Because girls are very concerned about their own image in face of not familiar with people.)
Position:Convenient transportation, located in the vicinity of the girls’ residence or office.(For the first date, in order to increase the success rate of the invitation, it is recommended to choose a date place closer to the girl to reduce the cost of the girl’s appointment with you. The cost includes time, money, energy and so on)
Time: the first appointment is controlled for about 2 hours.(If you’re not good at dating,don’t drag your appointment too long.Like a speeding train, danger arises when you lose control of your direction,To minimize the chances of making a mistake in your dating,try to keep time within the limits of your own control.)

Fourth, perfect dating – interaction
Chat purpose: invitation.
Dating purpose: raising relationships.
Fifth, the appointment should follow the two core
1、Demonstrating value;
2、language + limb

Value display in dating
Value model: social value, life value, emotional value.
Value output: share value, be a share of value, not a taker.
No one likes to be paid for value, we will instinctively draw on the advantages and avoid disadvantages,stay away from those who claim our value.Value is more meaningful only when it is flowing and shared,so we should be used to sharing the value to those around us.Remember, sharing is a high value activity in itself.
Social value: economic ability, housing, cars, access to social spaces,and so on,it is the basis of other values, important and necessary, but the degree does not need high, can meet the basic requirements.
Life value: all sorts of activities in life, such as planning a good date, traveling, experiencing something,etc.The ability to arrange such activities and to solve emergencies in an activity. Let women stay with you with a sense of security.
Emotional values: family, friendship, love.
If you are able to balance the three values in your life and trust that everyone around you will want to be close to you, your male charisma will be at its best.

The value of the show method (Storytelling)
We all know that showing high value can make girls interested in you very quickly, but some values are not so easy to display in a short time, such as emotional value and life value.
Show key points: bravery, confidence, humor, popularity, etc..First of all, you have to translate your past high value experiences into small stories based on your past life experiences.

Focus on storytelling
The story short, not long.The focus of the show is clear and clear, and the side does not make you feel like you are showing off.Pay attention to your pronunciation and intonation. Be full of feelings. If a story doesn’t touch you, how can you touch someone else?.
When I was young I love watching Superman, I have learned a superman from the car and jumped down, because I saw a big boy bullying an old woman,it was when I was 7, and it made me so scared.Although I’m 24 now, but in my memory, it’s like it happened all the time yesterday. Because my mother says I’m a man with a sense of justice.
It can be used to build comfort, guide the target share her childhood experiences, and build deep emotional links.

Physical contact
1、Day engagement
Dating during the day doesn’t suit too much premature physical contact,mainly based on the interaction of language,a simple body language is only possible when you build the sense of familiarity and release pressure on your first date,achieving relationship warming

2、Night appointment
The criterion for judging the relationship between men and women is to see what stage the two person’s physical contact is at

Level of physical contact: etiquette-touch, friendship-touch, ambiguity-touch
Etiquette-Touch: shake hands, crossing the road when the arm with pull, when the flow of large people, access to the door when the protection.
Friendship – touch:playful touch between friends.
Ambiguity – touch:The back, waist, neck, ears, face, nose, stomach, thighs, chest

Main points:
The three level is a gradually deepening relationship,must step by step, not jumping,When this level of testing is passed, you can move on to the next level.
When you are doing physical contact with your target, be sure to follow the appropriate words,make physical contact natural and comfortable.

Maybe some guys would say, “I know the skills of dating, but I’m nervous if I date a girl,I don’t know how to do it, and my mind is in a mess?”

It’s normal to do no good,this is a novice often encountered problems.It’s like driving a car. Knowing how to drive and driving are two different things,Therefore, the novice most need is actually a master to guide you,Get a girlfriend as soon as possible.

Dear guys if you need any help, please to contact me, and I will give you some advice free of charge!

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