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How to find a girlfriend——mentality


First,in Pickup Artists, the difference between novice and expert is that one is always trying to change other people’s ideas, while the latter focuses on how to change themselves, thus changing other people’s cognition of themselves。

The novice is sichanlanda, send flowers gifts and confession, the purpose is very clear: I through these, let me love the person one day can be moved by myself! See! Where is the mistake? It was wrong, people always think that others should follow me and change, if not change then, let her change of power is not enough, then I change to increase the action, hope one day he or she can change.

How ridiculous, we looked at the parents always want their children to shape into my ideal shape, school、education、 society is always putting people into what they look like. Men always want him to love the woman can love him, was moved by his behavior. The result?…

So the Pickup Artists appeared, Pickup Artists is knowledge, do not think that is simply the chase after the girls , Don’t think it’s simple to make a girl so simple. It’s not as simple as socializing. It’s not as simple as increasing yourself, The ultimate essence of Pickup Artists is to change your thinking patterns, remove your old thinking patterns, and look at everything in an impersonal and skeptical way.

Have we been told since childhood that what is taught or taught is really useful, or is it absolutely correct? Have you ever thought about it?

Why do some people attract women easily?Money and even rights?Here’s a very important word, “attract.”。Whether it’s making money or women, it’s through your own efforts, skills, that you get。However, by changing or forcing others to get it,We can look at examples,Robbery, rape,and so on。Why is it called coercion? Because everyone is a separate individual, everyone has his own world view and mode of thinking, and when we force each other to change, there is a word.

Most people wish to have sex free or even fast with girls,So, most boys can’t resist seduced,Free sex, why not? Many people, including my former self, hope they can quickly tempt women,Make love to each other as soon as possible。However, woman, if not thirsty, they nature is difficult to be quickly temptation.

So the wrong NO1. Hope for the change of others.
The wrong No.2 does not change yourself, likes to reach for things, other people’s experience, skills.

It’s okay to make a mistake, but two mistakes are made. That’s the absolute loser, at least in my eyes. This does not belong to the ways of attraction,the ways of attraction can not change others, because I have already mentioned before everyone is independent.

So, never, ever, try to change other people. All you can do is change yourself, and change yourself by changing yourself, others, organizations, units, nations, people, and the universe.

How to Get a girlfrind, it is through a series of change in their own way (wear, personality, art, social intuition, push-pull skills, Sex skills.Etc.) to increase the attraction to women, and eventually having sex knowledge.

Similarly, social science, is through a series of change in their own way (the framework of social etiquette skills, words, personality.Etc.) to increase their ability to deal with people, build a harmonious social relationship with others.

Ultimately, the learning of life is through a series of changes in your way (movement, loveskill, knowledge, social style, ability,.Etc) Acquire knowledge of your love, health, and wealth, ultimately, or satisfy, as well as with pleasure.

Still being laughed at by relatives for failing to find a girlfriend? Are you always rejected by the beloved girl, and because you are a nice person, but can’t you be upset with each other?

That’s why I created this site, here not to teach you how to get a girlfriend, but how to make girls pick up you!

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