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Ten points for boys dressing


A Nice image can make it easier for you to find a girlfriend

First: mountaineering suit

Many brothers like to wear mountaineering clothes,Because of the relatively simple and comfortable, but when dating girls is not recommended to wear this, because it has no waist design, no version, color is very fancy, if you wear it when climbing, picnic, tourism is no problem, but in the appointment and girls wear it is a dress very inappropriate the.

Second: Plaid Shirt

Are all the plaid shirts unsightly?Certainly not, in 100 pieces there may be 5 pieces relatively good,But there are a lot of guys that can perfectly avoid these five pieces each time,choose another 95 pieces very ugly plaid shirts.So I don’t recommend guys to try plaid shirts, especially the short sleeved Plaid shirts,

Third:Long Satchel
A lot of single shoulder bag length to the crotch even to the hips this position is very bad

Fourth:color combination
I recommend guys in the dress collocation, try to choose black and white gray as the main color, don’t suggest too many colors.

Fifth:white socks
The white socks visually belong to the faultage,so guys try to pick up your socks in the summer and show your ankles.

Sixth:Trim hair often
The hair style of male student is able to give priority to with spirit,I recommend guys two styles.



Seventh:Trim your nails regularly
The personal hygiene of the boys is important, especially the nails,a lot of guys don’t care it ,but girls is very care it!!

Eighth:Fine cut beard
Why mention the beard?Many brothers don’t have very strong hair, so there are some scattered beards, and they are very long. This is very ugly.If you want to wear a beard
you must trim beard very often.

Ninth:Skin care
Many guys do not care about their skin, and girls are very concerned about this, I want to tell you that boys skin care is actually very simple, not as complicated as girls.
1、clean face
2、water supplement

Tenth:Fresh breath
When you are in close contact with the girls do you want the other person to have a bad breath?Similarly, many guys like to smoke and drink, resulting in a bad smell in the mouth, so you often put some gum in your pocket.

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