The 10 trick is to teach you how to find a girlfriend

Everyone is yearning for love, for love is full of hopes, but great gap between imagination and reality, there are a lot of guys do not know how to find a girlfriend, so no girlfriend to love again how full of fantasy is not useless, so how to quickly find a girlfriend? Here’s something to teach you so that you can quickly find her.

1. Learn to dress up yourself
Don’t stay at home, go out to walk, so we must dress up, whether it is wearing, or hair, have to tidy up, go out when guys with a moustache and don’t forget to shave, the hair is too long to cut, at least let people feel comfortable. Change your image and boost your personal charm. Only in this way can you attract attention.

2. Develop hobbies
Develop hobbies, such as playing basketball, playing football, running, etc., have your own hobbies and make people look confident, sunny and charming.

3. Go out for sports and window shopping
Stay at home for a long time, the physical quality is certainly decreased, the girls do not love a guy too thin or too fat, so, we must hurry to exercise, improve their physical fitness. In addition to a lot of shopping, shopping is to look at the recent what fun things, increased knowledge, look at the way people dress, keep up with the trend of the times, and sports and shopping can know a lot of people, including many beautiful and lovely girl.

4, enhance charisma
Whether it is wearing, or hair, are clean, do not always live in love and dating, careless about dressing, appearance is the first impression, image sloppy, others will not take the initiative to pursue you and have a crush on you, but is bored, and you don’t have too much contact. Change your image and boost your personal charm. Only in this way can you attract attention.

5, precipitation yourself
precipitation yourself,to read more books, to participate in social practice, to increase their experience. Can attract the attention of girls, chat with others, that is, there is still a good level to say.

6,expand your circle of friends
Often we work and learn only in a specific circle, and rarely contact other people in the world, which limits our social boundaries. Put down your game machine, put down your favorite game, communicate with people more and get into the world of girls. Maybe you will soon meet your favorite object

7、more make contact with girls
If you really want to find a girlfriend, I was very much recommend, no more than girls understand the girls, you can find some past or present new girl friend, please sing the movies they eat, good luck, you can find a favorite of the girls from you this group of friends, and you can also let them help you off, you find the other half.

8, change your character
In fact, a person, the most difficult thing is to change their character, a person’s biggest enemy is himself, if you know what their personality defects, you should try to make up for, improve yourself.

9,blind date is essential
Blind date, a long time ago seems very far away from us, but now seems to have to say it, but Indoorsman is not so fast as to completely change, is in need of more time, since time is not enough, it can only be blind, blind do not need too much, you only need each other. On the right, the introducer, it may become things, not appropriate, tomorrow there is a blind waiting for you.

10. Lower your stance and relax your demands
Keep your posture down. There are many good girls. Since you’re just an otaku, why don’t you lower your demands and find a really nice girl who ends up single?

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