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The five elements of finding a girlfriend


Learn from body
understand girls, not only to understand the meaning of the girl from the language, but also to look for clues from the expression, manner, intonation and body language. What does she think?

Just ignore the girl’s words
If you want to know the girl, you must learn to ignore the girl said, ignoring the girl to say what, to a deep understanding of the girls to do what do what, so as to know more about them.

Reverse thinking
The boy wants to understand the girl’s mind, then must take the reverse thinking method, must know that very many time want the girl’s words to understand in turn. For example, the girl called to tell you, “I’ve been so busy lately that I don’t have time to meet you.” Maybe it’s just a hint of why you don’t ask me out yet. Be careful. I’m being chased by someone.

Start with the confidante
Women know the most about women, so boys have to pay a few confidante, because they can help you guess the girl’s mind and give you the best and most accurate reference to the girl.

Attack by innuendo
The girls will have a defensive instinct of the mind, they often use language to conceal their intention, but do not love others gave away the secret, if you are a clever man, so don’t simply say women’s mind, so as not to cause resentment.

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