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The girl said these lies must not be believed!


Love can make people blind, and it will make people’s IQ drop at an extremely high speed.This is very obvious in boys.

Take the simplest example. When you fight, the girl says good-bye to you. Do you think the end of the world is coming? She would break up with you for such a small thing. How could she not care so much about your relationship? Does she really don’t love you at all?

Instead of thinking why, take a little more time to understand women.Sometimes girls says something that you can’t believe. When you are serious, you lose. When you are serious, you really lose her!

The girls are often duplicity,the reason is because of her duplicity, hope you can understand her heart,and not just listen to what she’s talking about,because they always feel that only you really understand her heart, is the true love of her performance.So you’re in the process of getting along with girls,not too simple too blunt.These lies of a girl must not be believed,if you believe, you can easily lose her!

I’m not angry. What’s so angry about me, You are being paranoid.?

This sentence is clearly angry words,you don’t really think she’s okay?If you really believe it, you’re still too young.

The girl wanted a sense of presence in front of her boyfriend,So they don’t like admit defeat,Always say some hard words,but their heart is expecting you to say something nice to give her and apologize.

She said she was not angry, but she was really angry,let her know that you have noticed that she is angry,be patient and explain to her,hope to get her pardon.In fact, when she knew that you knew she said angry words,her anger has gone half way

Often tell you break up.
The girl who really wants to break up with you won’t give you a second chance to talk to you again,she must have left you immediately after she’s finished speaking,instead, the girls who often said break up with you are actually looking for a sense of being in front of you, not really wanting to break up with you,so you have to know what she needs,it’s your concern and thoughtfulness.

Well, in the ordinary process of getting along with each other,you have to give her more security,think more about her feelings,so she won’t always say break up with you,You gave her everything she wanted,she wouldn’t have to ask you for it in that way.When you ask her if she’s okay, she said nothing on the mouth, in fact, the heart is looking forward to you to coax her comfort her

Many girls are very proud,even if they were hurt or had something wrong with their job, they wouldn’t say it.But their hearts are always fragile and expect someone to understand her heart and comfort her.So if she says nothing, if you don’t feel okay, then your distance doesn’t close.

You should know change your mind,What would you do if you were treated the same way in her position?Besides, she is still a girl think of these, you should know how to do it!

When you need to contact your exgirlfriend, asked her if she had a jealous, she alleged that he didn’t feel jealous also let you rush to say that she want to rest.

Since ancient times the current girlfriend with exgirlfriend are incompatible,because they have loved you, so each other can not accept each other.

So now you’re in love with the incumbent, and you’re in touch with your ex. How could she not be angry?But why doesn’t she mind you, and let you go?

Because she wants you to feel like you’re doing wrong,dnd take the initiative not to do so,It means you take her feelings into account,not to let her talk to you at the passive force you to give up.

If you have something to do, you can go and help yourself. I can take care of myself!

When a girl says this to her boyfriend, most of them are sad.Who doesn’t want to look for a boyfriend as a dependency?Who wouldn’t want to have a sweet life after having a boyfriend?But now she has to take care of herself and comfort you,if you have this kind of good girl, you must cherish it.

So when she says this to you, you must express your guilt,as long as you can understand her, she will feel even pay is happy.

Girls like to lie in front of boys. Most of these lies are a test of your heart.

So guys, not only to decipher the meaning of these lies,and give girls an adequate sense of security,In this way, the feelings of two people can better manage.

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