The seven most taboo things between lovers

Some couples get along happily and sweet, some couples get along with each other very hard and careful. Love is like a drinking glass. It breaks up when you are not careful. There is a lot of taboo between lovers, today I will check what love taboo.

1.Square accounts in every detail
Some guys in the process of love, easily inadvertently caught in a misunderstanding, think how much you pay, the other side should pay much. Love is not buying and selling, it is not necessary to bargain.

Always think of each other’s love not enough, you will find that the other party has not love you.

2.Threaten each other with breakup
A lot of people will naturally or half unconsciously Often say good-bye to each other,it seems that the other side is not enough chips, love yourself enough, to break up to bargain, let each other more love.

Some things again and again say, eventually lost its own value, will make them think you are not mature, even real.

3.Do not trust each other
Trust is the basic premise for two people to get along with each other.But many lovers in the process of dealing with, often doubt the other side, peeping each other’s cell phone, secretly delete each other’s friend’s contact, always believe that each other has a variety of small secrets.Such conduct is self abased.

4.regardless of the occasion rake up sb’s faults
Two people get along with each other for a long time, they will understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, high EQ partners will praise their lovers in front of friends. However, there are many people who are too modest and outspoken about their partner’s shortcomings. As everyone knows, own a loose tongue, but let the other lose face.

No one is perfect, the partner’s shortcomings, you knows enough, in front of an acquaintance of friends to speak out, not only can not achieve the purpose of changing the other side, but also to embarrass each other uncomfortable, so far away.

5.excessive spoil or depend on each other
Love a someone, always want to have her all, accommodate her, dote on her, but a lot of guys misunderstood, and love and tolerance become excessive addiction and dependence.
In fact, love have the bottom line, excessive doting indulgence depend on each other, often only will make them spoiled and arrogant or bored. Couples should get along with each other on an equal basis, pay each other, understand each other. not give each other personal space
Some guys’ love is selfish, the partner as their own private goods, firmly grasp in hand.This love, said too points, that is selfish possession, is a disguised kidnapping.Everyone has a free heart, too tight, and the result is often counterproductive.

7.projective effect
In psychology, projective effects refer to their own characteristics project onto other people.A lot of guys will be blind love, If you think you like it, then that’s what they like it,What we do, is good for the other side; then the other should redouble their good to shed tears of gratitude.

The projection effect depends solely on one’s own will, and you all think you are doing the right thing. It is very easy for us to ignore each other’s needs so as to make each other go farther and farther away.




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