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What gifts do you give to girls?-when you find a girlfriend


1、Not expensive, not practical, but on behalf of your mind
In fact, most of the stage of gift giving is at the student level, although students may not have much money to buy gifts. If pick a gift, have to pick some cheaper trinkets, but contain your own mind, The gift is trifling but the feeling is profound,and in general, girls are more like cute jewelry.

2、Unique, creative, personalized gifts are better
Such a gift can not only surprise and touch the recipient, but also make her feel that you have spent a lot of effort and energy to prepare the gift for her,the purpose of gift giving is here, and from this point of view, personalized handicrafts are a good choice. For example, according to photographs of people with soft clay personality cartoon statue, is popular among young people.

3、Inexpensive but practical gifts
Girls are more practical, and if you and her feelings are good, in the ordinary days can send some inexpensive but practical things, so save yourself, but also leave a good impression to others.

4、A useful gift is no better than a useless gift
I suggest you do not give practical gifts,for example, clothes, perfume, backpacks and so on, unless you are absolutely sure of your taste.If such a gift is not good enough, it can easily be drowned in her many daily necessities.If she does not agree with your taste, a bad impression they might also leave him a “vulgar”.
The best gift is to send “four C” things
Cannot eat, cannot use, cannot deliver, cannot throw away,this gift is best to express the mind, but also the most likely to make the recipient have a sense of pleasure.

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