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What kind of boys do girls like?


Through the investigation, the girls like boys all have these nine kinds of charm, specifically summarized below:

1. Reliable

A man’s reliability is a sign of his credibility,it is difficult for men to succeed in their careers and lack the qualities of trust,no boss is willing to hire unreliable subordinates, and no friends are willing to cooperate with people who cannot be trusted.The person who is always frustrated in love is the kind of man who can not win the confidence of women.


The hot tempered man, everyone would be for him at a distance, a woman is to avoid him like the plague.Popularity is bad, love will be worse,he was isolated everywhere,be always snubbed,he was like a wild beast from a savage land, without human touch.


Depth is the inner spiritual quality, and the unique charm of experienced men through tempering. Why do women choose partners to like mature men because they are attracted by their content.

True depth is experience.Man don’t talk big fever, to tell frivolous.depth is a kind of Steady demeanor, it is not by age as a symbol, not a crafty old scoundrel. This is a kind of mature charm.Women who love depth,care is the development potential of this man, together with the whole life, he could be great men.


People often say that,love is a wooden ship that cannot bear a cannon attack,which woman dared to climb such a frail wooden boat to experience decades of stormy marriage?Strong man can make the big ship, he can stand on the bow for the woman shelter.Emotional twists and turns,family trouble,a strong man can change danger into safety.This sense of security can only be obtained from a strong man. He will never be a deserter.


Men should be the leader in society, and men should be women’s leaders. Some people say,why is Japan developing so fast,because it is a high effective reasonable division of labor between men and women,men work outside women take care of the home in,male dominated society,women serve for men,so men are very confident and decisive.No matter how the man’s determination is lost,are women who are involved in social life buried and scared away?In short woman is love resolute man,don’t like indecisive men.


Man with a strong sense of responsibility is not selfish,society gives men a sacred mission. He wants to create value and advance the process of history.Therefore, men should be brave in carrying out burdens and facing difficulties, and never shirk their responsibilities.He is not at ease,not selfish,helping others,caring for the weak,love the wife and children,he was respected everywhere.With such a man falling in love with each other, women will have the highest sense of honor, and this is a great spiritual wealth.


Independence is a sign of a mature man,this is the foundation of men.The most important thing for a man is spiritual independence and personality independence.Women don’t like men who have no opinions.some men are always affected by other people, making friends, looking for work, all listen to their parents, and always my mother said how, my sister said how, this makes his girlfriend extremely disgusted.There are men who mix with the crowd all day long,always acting as a follower,without appeal, without influence, and therefore insignificant.

8.Careful and thoughtful

Thoughtful men have demeanor with elder,he accompanied the woman like a patron saint,With him,women will be taken good care of,he makes women doubly happy,such men are welcomed by women.

It is very simple for a boy who has eight charms to find a girlfriend!

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