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What should you do to chasing girls


Love a someone is a normal thing, want to get rid of the single life, only the love of the heart in the heart can not be the result, love is to use action to pursue, not afraid of failure, if after the effort was a success?

1、How can a boy find a girlfriend?

Speech and deportment
Behave politely in front of girls,learn to help girls pass water and tissue, so show yourself very gentleman,but talk to pay attention to propriety, not talk nonsense, careless, although your character is difficult to change, but to do the right things at the right time.

Promote your body language
Women like men who appear strong, confident and able to protect their future children.make sure you don’t stoop when you walk. To go with head high and chest out strode. You’ll look attractive.

Deepen understanding
You should know her well, know her friends, emotional life, hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, understand what kind of boys she likes. So, what should you do to get a girlfriend? You can’t ask her these questions too directly. Through her friends, attitude, communication, etc.

Be funny and think more about each other’s feelings
Whether be a goodman or get a girlfriend,you should consider the feelings of each other, do not take into account each other’s feelings, speech and deportment humor,most people like to make friends with boys who love to laugh.

Don’t make a confession easily
There are a lot of girls, usually make you feel she has feelings for you, but as soon as you make a confession, she will refuse,because they love the way people pursue their feelings, not what interests you,there are many ways to test a girl’s feelings about you, not to show them. Such as holding her hand, you sick, she will not care about you, and so on.

Invite her out to play
Boys should take the initiative to ask her out to play,buy her favorite snacks, watch her favorite movies, go with her to buy clothes, accompany her to where she wants to go, and be resourceful. Ask her out to dinner and eat what she wants.

Deepen further impression
Chat with her often, talk about the funny things about your life, happy or unhappy things, etc..
Do something positive in front of her, help her unable to solve things, talk to her about your unhappy things, and talk about the memories between you.

Sense of security
Let her think you this person is very reliable, you say every word must have connotation, reasonable, at the same time, you must have knowledge, have ability. Many aspects of their own should be developed, there must be good faith.

2、how to successfully catch up with favorite girls?
Diligent in communication
Many couples are broke up because of misunderstanding, the reason for breaking up is only a small matter that can be solved with more communication,so the boys not too block inner thoughts,since the two sides have become the most intimate person,you should talk more,let her know you in mind, such feelings will be harmonious, for a long time.

Try not to advance your exgirlfriend
In a previous article, I mentioned that you shouldn’t talk about your ex girlfriend when you’re with your current girlfriend.That’s how important it is.

If your girlfriend doesn’t ask about your exgirlfriend. You must not tell it yourself, but don’t tell it in detail even if you ask. Because girls are very sensitive, but once you say, may never end, this is very unfavorable for love. Even if you say, you should stand at a neutral angle, don’t praise or belittle your predecessor, or your girlfriend will think you have affection for your ex girlfriend.

Show your confidence and sense of responsibility
Most girls are reserved and dependent and have a strong sense of family. Be sure to find a “true man” that can rely on you and be responsible. It is important to show your confidence and sense of responsibility.

Don’t promise anything to her
Girls like to act like a spoiled brat, boys are often hard to resist, and this will only make girls wanton, even behind the emergence of greater contradictions. So what should I do when I’m chasing a girl to avoid conflict? Boys begin to learn to say no, this is helpful for the two people running in and out of harmony,it’s also good for love, and it gets better and better.

Learn to confess
A new era of man should put down the so-called male chauvinism,if this thing really is wrong, you should put down the face, the initiative to recognize a mistake openly.In fact, the man who dares to admit his mistakes is a real man.

Be a listener
It is undeniable that most girls like to nag, and boys, they will not be good at listening, always feel very annoying, at this time it is easy to produce contradictions, girls will feel you do not pay attention to her, do not care about her. So, the boy must learn to do a listener, when she needs to find someone to talk, remember to accompany her, talk to her well.

how should you do for get a girlfriend
To know how to care for girls
If you want to get your own love,effort must be made,you can learn more about each other’s friends,from the side to understand what the other needs, you can communicate according to her needs.

Thick skinned
Life is not a TV play,there aren’t so many girls chasing boy.If you like a girl, you have to lock, identify and get her,it requires that you have a firm heart.After all, marriage is a lifetime thing, a real good girl can not casually agree to stay with you,So this requires you to have a “thick skinned” spirit of pursuit, where “thick skinned” is not a derogatory term!

Show your upward mobility
Business is the foundation of a man’s life, and for a woman, whether a man has a career is of vital importance.Generally speaking, most of the boys who start dating and fall in love with girls are not working long, and of course they are not have successful career,The important thing is to make the girl feel that you are a self-motivated person.Other things can be casual, but on this issue is not ambiguous, must let her know that you have confidence in the future, and are not satisfied with the status quo and have a long-term plan, is a man to depend on.

Which girl doesn’t like prince charming?. So,as a boy, you should always know how to be romantic and make romance your own instinct, so that you can make yourself more attractive. None of the girls don’t love romance, of course, romance is not blindly bad or glib, please correct understanding of the word romantic.

Choose the right way to find a girlfriend
If you are a more introverted and reserved, shy boy, and you love the girl like you,I suggest you use chat tools first to have a basic understanding of each other, in order to meet you when not too embarrassed, will have more to talk about.If the other party is more cheerful and lively, then you may communicate more smoothly, after all, the atmosphere is very easy to be driven by girls.If you are a very open, sunny boy, you are in pursuit of a shy girl, please respect her, step by step, don’t let things come too suddenly, and scare her, silently go to her heart.

Hit on what one likes
You take the initiative, your story may be a little more, move your brain, move your hand, write love letters, do not think this is the old routine, it is now people do not use it, so it is precious.Find reasons to ask her out, such as going climbing, playing ball, swimming, eating, watching movies and so on. As long as she agrees, you will have the hope of being together,however, some girls may be disgusted with only two of you go out, so you may start by asking several of your friends to join you, so that you can play your part in the process. Send a small gift from time to time and surprise her. If she will accept you, then your story will be long.

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