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where to find a girlfriend in summer


Do you have a feeling of laziness? However, no matter how lazy you are,face up to find a girlfriend, you have to act positive.Don’t think girls will only stay in the air-conditioned room for a cold drink during the summer, there are still many wonderful places, often with beautiful girls.Well, from now on, you’ll have to take positive action. In order to seize the chance of love, it’s urgent to chase the girls.

1. Gym

In summer is bound to reduce clothing, then for girls, the figure will often become the focus of attention.Therefore, the gym has become a favorite place for many beauties. After all, losing weight is a lifelong problem for any woman,If your figure figure is good, then in the face of the beauty to be accosted, show your  figure may be to win her favor.

When you want to strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman who is exercising,do not be straightforward to boast of each other figure good,everyone on their own figure are very clear,you too straightforward boast of the girl’s figure is good, will only increase her aversion to you.You can talk to her about fitness issues to get her favor and it will be perfect if you can get to know her better.

2.Department store
If wonmen love what they do, shopping is sure to be the first choice. For many girls, department stores are a must in their lives.It’s hot outside in summer, and the department stores are full of goods.Beauty shopping may be a day, then this time you have to polish your eyes, to see if there is no favorite girl.Approached in a department store, is easier than in the street, because you can use a simple reason to talk to her, for example,you can buy some lady gifts for her to choose from, and you can pretend that presents are for your sister.Basically, girls don’t usually refuse to help you pick something she knows better, so department stores have a higher rate of success.

Do not think the cinema is a lover’s exclusive site, in fact, in the summer weather is so hot, many single beauty will make friends, go to the cinema to see a movie.For them, it’s great to see a favorite movie in a movie theater. Then, if you happen to sit right beside her,you should know how to take chances,from talking about the movie to the further communication.The cinema is definitely a good place for get a girlfriend.

In the summer, coffee shops can be considered a good place for many girls,many girls prefer the elegant coffee shop. Imagine the aroma of coffee and soothing piano music. This is definitely a paradise for many girls.Many girls choose a cup of coffee and a book in the summer, and sit quietly for the whole afternoon.Then you’ll have the chance.Take the initiative and come up with her to talk about it, the heat of the summer she will not turn around to leave, perhaps the coffee shop is the beginning of your love story.

In fact, whether it’s a coffee shop or a department store, as long as you focus on it, you will find that the girl who makes you move, what you need most, is how to get in touch with you without being disgusted with her. Some guys get a girlfriend easy to succeed, while others fail repeatedly. In fact, there are skills to speak of. Finally, I hope you can get close to her.

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